On this new year, around 12:40 am, (Jan 1, 2023) crackers busted, bike silencers sounded aloud. What a wonderful day! My father asked me, “what you want special this new year?” I said, what poor people will do, can we give food to the people who don’t have food? My father immediately said ok we can. The next morning, my mother and father started preparing sambar rice and poriyal. After preparing the food, I helped my mom and dad to pack the food.

At 1 pm we started the bike to distribute the food. We gave food to a sanitary worker, beggars by the road side, physically challenged people, two men who slept on the street due to hunger, and many homeless people. We gave over 20 food pottalangal and I felt very happy giving food to people, but in the meantime felt sad seeing the people at this much hunger and I wondered how many people would have died in want of food. Friends, we have a lot of people to help so let’s not waste our money on unnecessary things.

Happy New year 2023 to all!


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