I am truly interested in playing chess, in other words I love chess. One day I beat my dad in a game of chess and I was boasting about that so he asked me to participate in the chess tournament that is on 31 December, and I accepted. Almost all the players came from chess academies and I never went to any chess academies so I was no match for the opponents but I got prepared for the battle.

31st December

On that tournament day, I woke up late and prepared myself late and started from home late. My incredible dad dropped me off with a bike in the venue in 30 minutes when normally for anyone it will take at least 1 hour. After that much urgency We saw people waiting with frustration because they had been waiting for a very long time. I also waited for so long until I saw my friend Jude, I played with him and enjoyed it. The tournament started.

The Tournament

Round 1

The first opponent I faced used the fried liver attack. I didn’t know how to tackle that attack so I struggled. As I lost the first round, I thought “starting is bad so everything that is going to come is going to be bad” as I continued to worry my dad’s friend explained what is the swiss system 

Round 2

I got a comfortable position and I won. The victory was my motivation after thinking that “starting is bad so everything that is going to come is going to be bad”. Guys never think negatively.

Round 3

This was a tough game. In this game the opponent was playing very well. I was losing all pieces but after some clever tactics I won that happily.

Round 4

This was a tough game, I came to lose but managed to win.

Round 5

The opponent I faced in this game was the star player of a chess academy named “Raja Desing chess academy”. I tried my best to win but I lost. I have learned a lot from this game. This game was a long battle. Every one finished their games before us, even though I lost, I gave the opponent a thrilling and a tough game. This game was fierce and long.

Round 6

I lost my queen, bishop, rook, knight, 4 pawns and it’s for sure that I’m going to lose but my incredible youtube chess watching habit gave me the tricks to win a game like this. I won this game. but the opponent cried and I gave him advice that “This is just one game see you won 3 games and there is one other game coming for you, good luck friend! Don’t worry.” and left.

Round 7

I should have won this game, I lost it in one move. Even the opponent admitted that “if you(Perinban) hadn’t done that move you would have won”.

The Understanding

This tournament is my first and I’m playing with truly experienced players who go to chess academies and chess clubs. I fought them all in chess and I won 4 games out of 7. When my dad said this to his friend he was shocked to hear that as this is a high rank to get. I want to participate in many more competitions like this to be the best player and I am going to do it. I ended 2023 with my first chess tournament.


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