When you open the arrow button in the taskbar do you get an annoying warning shown in the Windows Defender icon like this?

If so, here’s the fix for it!

Now, Double-click the Windows Security icon or open the start menu and search for “Windows security” and open it.

Under the tab that is shown as a problem, click “Go to settings”

After that try to turn it on, If it is turned on, the problem is solved. If it shows some errors and doesn’t turn on, continue to the next steps.

The problem is because of an incompatible driver. To see which driver is causing the trouble. Open the “Review incompatible drivers” option

Now that we know what driver it is, we should know its “Published Name” to solve this problem, so click that arrow to expand it.

Remember the “Published name”. it is ‘oem15.inf’ for me it will be a different value for you.

Now, open the start menu and search “cmd” and run it as administrator.

Copy this command and paste it to the command prompt: pnputil.exe -d oem<your number>.inf to paste something to the cmd you and either right-click it or use ctrl + v.

If you got these as a result, restart your computer.

It’s not done yet, now open “Windows Security”

Open to the problematic settings.

Just turn it on and restart!

And finally, It’s fixed. Here’s the final result:


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