The annual day function at our school.


In our school, there is an annual day function for every year. Last year I participated on the choir but I wanted to do the compering, and the annual day of this year was approaching, I asked my teacher, if I could do the compering he said yes but after some days he said no. I thought that next year we will do the compering. Lucky for me I got selected again.

Compering practice

I was actually doing good on the practice sections. The teacher who taught us, Malar mam did everything required for compering and I did good. She said that we will have rehearsal day after tomorrow and I was excited.

The rehearsal

I was excited and when I got to the stage, some feeling came into my mind which I had never gotten. As I spoke up I started to forget everrything. I was scared a lot and I started to lose my self-confidence. Our Malar mam helped me but I failed in the 2nd rehearsal too. I really wanted to cry at this point.

Not all people support us

I had my classmate, who came with me for compering, I trusted him a lot and I thought whatever he says is absolutely true but each time I failed he not only made fun of me but as well as discouraging and ignoring me. At one point, I came to know his intensions of hurting me. I had learned from this that “Not all people support us”.

The solution!

Malar mam said me to walk to and fro on the stage and I did so by her instruction and I spoke again, kudos me! I spoke well! I also did compering well in the annual day program and I regained my self-confidence. Not only that I changed the script as per my taste. This is my power, I realized. If someone else gives me a script I could not do well but if I made the script, I can talk for a long time. For every problem this is a solution, this time Malar mam gave me the solution, next time I will find the solution. Never lose hope friends!


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